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Individual 1-2-1 sessions

Who is it for?

  • recreational/high performance athletes 

  • exercise enthusiasts

  • other performance areas (e.g., business, performing arts etc.)

How can I access support?

  • face to face in Buckinghamshire 

  • online via Microsoft Teams 

What can I expect during the sessions?

  • conversations, questionnaires, training and competition observation/support

  • occasional exercises to complete in between the sessions 

​How often?

  • we can decide together based on your schedule and level of required support e.g., weekly, biweekly or monthly

​How much does it cost?

  • £65/session online 

  • £80/session face-to-face in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

A 10% discount is offered on a block of 6 sessions 


All prices include preparation prior to the consultation as well as written feedback when required.

Additional travel fees may apply.

The sport psychology sessions have really helped me focus on my routine. Specifically my thoughts and behaviour in between points. This has helped me be calmer and clearer in competition and has helped me perform at a higher standard.

13 years old
Tennis player

Working with Adrienn helped massively maintaining and regaining confidence which is key in sport.

H.B. 18
Football player

 Working with Adrienn, through the sport psychology sessions allowed me to have techniques beyond what I was using to get me in the right frame of mind when training, allowing me to get back to full fitness after a long injury with more confidence that I may have had without the techniques I was given. It also showed me that what I was feeling was normal and that coming back from a long time out isn’t going to be easy.

O.B. 17
Rugby player

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