I have a variety of different packages to suit athletes, parents, and exercise enthusiasts.


Face to face or online

The process of the sport and exercise psychology sessions include:

  • intake session

  • needs analysis - conversations, questionnaires, potential training visit

  • training/competition analysis

  • intervention

  • evaluation of the intervention

  • ongoing support if/when required

The frequency of the sessions is decided together, e.g. weekly, biweekly or monthly. 

The sessions are available pay as you go £60 (£55 online) or as part of a discounted package.

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Face to face or online

Working with teams can be more complex so there are several options for the delivery of the sessions. 

  1. Group sessions weekly or monthly (e.g. communication on and off the pitch, team building, values, game strategies, team/individual strengths, personalities, attention)

  2. One-to-one sessions with the players - limited or unlimited number of sessions

  3. The most popular is the combination of option 1 and 2 

The importance is on making sure, that the players are able to access the support they need. 

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Face to face or online

Workshops are a great way to increase the knowledge of basic concepts in sport and exercise psychology. Who is it for?

  • parents and guardians - how can I best support my child?

  • support staff (coaches, physios, personal trainers, managers)

  • schools, sport teams, clubs


Each workshop will be tailored to your needs and will be designed to include practical tasks and group interactions.

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