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Free mental health apps

For mental health awareness month I tried to make a list of free apps that anyone could download and try. Mainly because sometimes we struggle to cope with for example worries or anxieties we might have and a lot of us feel more comfortable to be able anonymously seek for support and learn some coping strategies. These apps could provide a great first step towards reaching out or a way to maintain our mental health. I tried to break them into categories - although some would fall into more than 1 category : 


Mental health:

ACT - acceptance and commitment therapy based:

CBT - cognitive behavioural therapy based:



For university students and staff:

For younger people:


I am a big advocate that exercise plays a huge role in improving our mental health and wellbeing. Whether it is walking, running, or doing PE with Joe Wicks, there is something out there for everyone for no cost at all.

Virtual running events/races to support mental health charities/organisations:

(Let me know if I have missed any)

And let's not forget about the brilliant Shout UK that offers free text support 24/7 for anyone in crisis. It is powered by brilliant volunteers (including me :) to help anyone in need:

Please note that while some of these apps might be incredibly useful for some, they might not work for everyone. Furthermore, they cannot replace actual counselling/therapy/support.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or would like to have a chat with me.


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