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Working with teams

How can my team access support?

  • in person

  • online

What would working with you look like?

  • group sessions (e.g., communication on and off the pitch, team building, identifying team values, team/individual strengths)

  • 1-2-1 sessions with the players

  • competition and training on pitch support 

  • working cooperatively with the coaches

How much?

  • please get in touch to get a quote

I have the privilege of working with Adrienn within Saracens Academy. She is great at with working with young people and has an extraordinary skill at simplifying complex psychology topics, making them teachable and enjoyable. She is an asset in supporting injured players and helping them recovery mentally from injury during their rehabilitation.

Ryan Clarke

...Adrienn was extremally confident and professional in her role and a great pleasure to work with. She was always willing to share her knowledge and experiences for the benefits of enhancing the programme. Adrienn’s approach had a positive effect on all the players and staff she worked with. Her group sessions were designed to foster the group of players, build confidence and help them to cope with pressure. As a coach, it was very interesting to see how these various practices had a constructive effect on the players’ behaviours in the Academy environment, which by nature can be quite challenging....

What also struck me was the trust Adrienn was able to build in a short space of time with the players. This was evident by the insights into the player characteristics and challenges some players faced, which she shared with us in the Academy staff meetings whilst not breaking the confidentiality with the players. This information was very beneficial because it enabled us to tailor our communication and interactions with the players.

Andy Dawling
Rugby Coach

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